Year of the Bourtney.

2016 has cracked my heart open in a tragically, magical way. I’m convinced the universe works in oxymorons. I’ve felt heartache that has shattered my heart, but found that if I bury that sadness under my skin instead of letting … Continue reading Year of the Bourtney.


(Attempt at) Bell Creek Loop.

After several weeks of non-hiking adventures, Portland seemed to smile upon me and grant me a 48 degree rain-free forecast. My hiking boots were calling my name after hearing “no showers. These boots are the ones I learned I had … Continue reading (Attempt at) Bell Creek Loop.

LP 2016: Embrace the Suck.

I hate the old adage, “sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.” It’s such a cliche. People mutter it under their breath to you in sympathy, when they don’t quite know what to say. They mutter it because yes, sometimes life sucks, and a thread of hope seeps out of these words. I also hate the old adage, because despite the cliche, it’s 110% true. There’s been plenty of times in 2015 when I learned this lesson. One of these times happened to be just the other day: Despite running my business (which I … Continue reading LP 2016: Embrace the Suck.

LP Move

LP 2016 : Rise with the sun & train.

It’s impossible for me to discuss the things I’ve learned in 2015, that I’m taking with me into 2016 without mentioning the one single thing I do each day without fail. Every day I  rise with the sun & train … Continue reading LP 2016 : Rise with the sun & train.

Simple Tricks for Post-Hike Body Bliss.

At the end of a long day of adventuring, it’s easy to throw down the pack and head straight for a long night’s sleep- only to wake up the next morning, aching and stiff all over. You can make grand adventures without the achy body and extreme stiffness. Take care of your adventuring body with these four simple trick for post-hike body bliss. Eat up. The perfect post-hike meal combines protein (help muscles recover) and carbohydrates (which help replenish energy stores). Choose foods like a tuna-fish sandwich or chicken over rice that combine both sources of marco-nutrients for an easy … Continue reading Simple Tricks for Post-Hike Body Bliss.