All you can do is smile. :)

I find that each day, I never fail in finding exactly what I need in moments that seem unbearable.The last few days have been tough for me (which is so unlike me) Trying to figure out how to get out of my “funk”, I came across this gem.

It’s my wish for EVERYONE to be surrounded by incredible people like the one’s I have found out here in my second home. The other day, I was a mess and one AMAZING woman gave me the greatest single piece of advice that changed a)the way I felt at that moment & b) the way I have been trying to handle my emotions lately. I hope these words reach whoever needs to hear them today:

“Feelings are not fact. Feelings have no truth to them. In the next few seconds, hours, days, those feelings will change and that smile will come back. You’ll understand that these are just fleeting moments. Feel these feelings and let them go. Then let the reality of the situation be.”

I’ve been getting through these feelings. I think for now, I will keep sitting here, sipping my tea and listening to this song. Hope these gems help inspire someone else today too!



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