REALLY Living.

So, yesterday was an absolutely incredible day! Here’s a look at me after teaching my SECOND class of the morning at 8:30 am!

I ended up spending a little over 12 hours at the gym yesterday (and no, it wasn’t a hostage situation). I taught four group exercise classes and spent the rest of the time behind the desk.. and at the end of the day, you know what I felt? The answer surprised even me. I felt giddy, I felt excited. I had accomplished ALOT. The best part however was the impact that I felt I had made in others’ lives, which got me thinking.. What makes me feel that intense happiness? What are the things that make me feel really alive and proud? So, I put together a list:
1. PURPOSE: It simply doesn’t matter whether the item to accomplish is big or small. I love waking up knowing that there is something I need to do today. Without these seemingly meaningless tasks, there’s no reason for getting out of the house, let alone bed. I love these to-dos!
2. FRIENDS: Too often, I’ve let that independent side of me rear it’s ugly head. Everything does not have to be done alone. In fact most of the time, things are fun with other people!
3. ADVENTURES: Lately, I’ve been on a new adventure kick! I’ve tried a new local hiking spot, a Crossfit class, gone to a few special meetings, went to Disneyland for a day-trip, checked out the local Aquarium, become addicted to Hot Yoga. It’s amazing to me the things I was too self-conscious, lazy, or nervous to try have become the things that I enjoy the most! Try those new classes, places, etc! That stuff and those feelings let you know that life does not revolve simply around your routine. There’s a whole big world out there!
4. READING: This has become my nightly routine for several reasons. A) It’s relaxing. I love being completley comfortable in my bed, lighting some candles and settling into a good read, plus B) It makes me feel smart. I totally don’t mean that in a cheesy/ nerdy way, but it totally does give me something to talk about in new situations with new people. I also feel as though in awkward silent moments, I am able to pull some random knowledge I just read and turn them into thought-provoking conversations with another person! & yes, I am now on the Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon after jumping ship from Twilight & Hunger Games. 🙂 Awesome.
5. LOVE: This is new to me. I am open to it. Right now it may only be like, but it’s helping me explore another person, and really enjoy/care for someone other than myself. This may really be what life is all about. 🙂

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