Sand Beneath My Toes.

I don’t know how it happens, but I’ve said it before-I always find exactly what I need to lift my spirits just exactly when I need it. How can this song not immediately boost your mood?! I was just rifling through my place, trying to organize it before the big move, studying, printing off papers for the last two weeks of school & about to scream when this song came on, in a commercial in the background. So of course, I immediately looked it up & decided I’d share with YOU! Happiness is calling!
On that note. I didn’t share my BEST moment of this past weekend:
So I went paddle-boarding AGAIN. (I mentioned they are going to have to drag me off the water). Well, it was gorgeous on Saturday. & I promise I am not making this up, there were three dolphins! DOLPHINS.
They literally swam right under my board & around us for five minutes. It was amazing! I am super afraid of fish, but for some reason, they are so beautiful & calming! I’d call that an epic paddle-board adventure. So blessed.
Apparently I have super GREAT luck with dolphins.My second date with my *adventure boy involved a hike…to the sunset..with…DOLPHINS, not a joke. I’ll save these stories for later though.
Hope this gets you through those Monday Blues. 🙂

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