[Sunrises] & Sunsets.

Have I mentioned how gorgeous it is where I live? The other nights’ sunset left me seriously breathless. It’s going to be tough to leave. I know. I know. The “countdown” still leaves me with about 21 days on the clock.. This sunset sent the emotions soaring. In 21 days the sun will sent on my four year chapter in Southern California- & what a four years it’s been.
I think what set these emotions off was sitting in my last fitness management class directly before this sunset. We have to create a video on what it means to be a Kinesiology student & fitness major. Of course, I have spent the last four years with many of them & two years I became VERY close with three of them. The last project is a video. My friend & I set, reviewing clips & previewing the whole video (set to “life happens”). Both of us looked at each other.. “We’re going to cry.” – The excitement of being done has overshadowed the thought that I am done. That these times with these people are ending. That’s sad.
The last four years have been beautiful, NOT easy, but beautiful. I’ve learned I can get through anything. I’ve learned I am extremely independent (almost to a fault). I’ve learned I can make it on my own. I’ve created a family here for myself (since all my family is still in Idaho). I’ve worked the last four years at an athletic club. These people are my family everyday. Literally. They have all touched my life in some way & made the sometimes unbearable homesickness bearable. I love each & everyone of them.
The thought of change & the next chapter has gotten me so excited that I haven’t stopped to appreciate what the sun is actually setting on.Thank you to those people that I am lucky enough to call family. Thank you for the lessons I’ve learned. Thank you to the friends I’ve made through my schooling. This sunset is something to be appreciated.
Without a sunset, there is no sunrise.

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