The 3 P’s of Progress.

Passion + Practice+ Patience = Progress.
This is my life. I am a personal trainer / group exercise instructor right now & couldn’t tell you one thing that makes me happier…. (ok, well my faith & family) but other than that… this is IT. It’s literally what I spend ALL my time doing…Some do actually call it a problem, but it’s what I  LOVE.
My own personal workouts are a time for me to think. To vent. To problem solve. The other day it seriously got me thinking. Each day I strive to get better, & I don’t necessarily SEE the improvements. It’s funny, when you do something EVERY day you don’t see the progress you’re making or the changes that are happening.Those changes are there. I promise… This came to me when  I noticed during Hot Yoga that I could do a headstand…. I DID a headstand.
That’s right. A full headstand. When I began my fitness journey, there was absolutely no way I could have done that. It happened. I was giddy afterwards. The 1st video I published = another example of my progress. When I began working out my arms shook, my core burned and my back buckled. No way could I have rolled out like that. In that 2nd video, same thing..Push-ups..Puh-lease. One & done… Now=easy.
These little markers started me thinking… This theory applies to so many other aspects of my life, but most recently my faith. Changes do not happen overnight. They take practice and patience. Little steps. But you have to be passionate. You have to believe in what you want to accomplish. These are all neccessary to induce progress within oneself. I need to remember that I cannot simply have a relationship with God immediately.
I cannot expect love from another in an instant. It won’t be lasting. I have to continue to be open to it. I have to embrace the other individual…..
The best things in life are the things you have to work hard for.

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