Adventures on the Road.

I’m baaaaacccck…
Alright before I tell you ALLLLL about my exciting trip (& the exciting place I found) I have to share this video.. Ummm..How CUTE are these boys?! This pretty much made my morning..Thank you Havard Baseball team. (Too bad I wasn’t in this van for my roadtrip)
Anyways, now to the dull stuff about my trip.. Ok, not dull but it doesn’t involve cute baseball boys…
So my new place. Found? Check. Signed Lease? Check. Awesome? Check.
How cool is this place? I will have a HUGE patio, a washer & dryer, a dishwasher & it’s right on the water… which has a hiking/ running trail that goes on forever.. It might not be the cutest building on the planet.. But I am stoked. I can’t wait for my move. I love the area. The best part of our trip was how NICE everyone is. People smile at you. Alot. I sort of miss that here in SoCal. I think people get too caught up in their lives here to notice others. I can’t wait to get there. My cheeks already hurt. 🙂
As far as the trip goes.. It was AMAZING.. It was 90 degrees! Gorgeous sunny weather..I’m sold. We made a trip to Sausalito, Muir Beach, Tiburon, Mill Valley, San Rafael.. Allllll over. Apparently the “locals” all LOVE Marin Brew Co.. So of course we made a pit stop between searching to grab some AWESOME lunch…& we had a celebration dinner (after signing the lease) at The Cantina in Mill Valley. I may now officially be able to call myself a Marinian?
I also snapped a RAD picture of my siser sleeping…mouth open & everything.. Such a Beaut.
& in case you are wondering.. I worked out. In the hotel room…. I may be obsessed.
Oh & I started the 2nd book in the Fifty Shades of Grey triology. I couldn’t put it down.
Well, I’m now back to my last two weeks in SoCal. I really will miss this place, but my new adventures don’t seem so scary now.
Happy Wednesday all! 🙂

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