Friends [Family]

Wahoo Weekend!
Sunbathing on my patio, a LONG run along the strand, a legit workout & some 6 am Booty Bootcamp instruction went AWESOME.
I have to admit, where I live right now is gorgeous. & boy am I lucky… I talk to my parents daily [Greatest Parents Ever]
who are still back in Idaho & can’t imagine struggling through those chilly days.. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful place to grow up.. But I don’t think I’d want to really live there again… I may miss this place…. 🙂
I had a great time teaching my LAST TRX circuit classes. I always talk about how amazing these women are & Saturday morning was no exception. I was not expecting the appreciation these women showed for me. It brought tears to my eyes. The women brought cards, decorated the room… & decorated me..

I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with them all & I love each & everyone of them. I hope I form these relationships with others when I get to my new home.
Hope everyone has a FABULOUS Mother’s Day. & remembers to appreciate those relationships that are most important to you- Family & Friends that become family.


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