Monday Hugs.

So, I’ve been in LOVE with this song lately.. & thought I’d share with you all.
My BOOTY WORKOUT today was amazing. My legs feel like jelly. Buns of Steel? Totally worth it. I did 12 different exercises targeting the glute muscles (Yes, there are more than one!) & my
4 “rounds” of 40 seconds Work with 20 seconds Rest made it a real challenge. ( I use an interval timer set to music). 1 1/2 hours of resistance training = Bikini Body.
Could this Monday get any better??? Oh, yeah. The Bachlorette starts tonight. If you know me personally, you know how obsessed I am with the show. I get WAY too excited. I somehow got my
Grandpa in on my addiction & we always call to dish about who our favorite is. My grandpa is unreal at guessing who wins… Like legitamately has picked the winner from the very beginning of the season… I’m taking his bet. 🙂 Please tell me someone else is dying to watch Emily choose out of 25 bachelors??!

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