These Girls.

My Sister? No that’s my mama! 🙂
I know I already wished my Mama a Happy Birthday & Happy Mother’s Day, but this morning I was checking e-mails & came across one I hadn’t opened from awhile back…. [Not sure how I missed this] but I opened it & came across THESE beautiful pictures.
It may sound absolutely ridiculous, but they brought tears to my eyes. My mama is such an amazingly gorgeous woman. [inside & out] Have I ever mentioned in highschool what a big deal my mom was? Remember that song Stacy’s mom? Oh yeah, in highschool it was re-named “Courtney’s mom…..”
& I got even more lucky when I inherited her friends as well. Chris [the other blonde] is my Godmother. & I couldn’t ask for a better role-model. She is absolutely hilarious & brings smiles to any room. I remember going on a “girls vacation” with my mom & Chris & telling my mom how much I wanted to be like Chris when I was an adult. She cracks the funniest jokes, makes everyone feel comfortable no matter what & really listens/ makes the best out of every situation.
Elvira, [the brunette] is my mom & Chris’ other best friend, which of course ensures that she is fabulous. She is so helpful and so full of energy. She seeks to help no matter what & speaks from the heart. Really.
How did I get so lucky to have three wonderful women in my life as “moms/friends”? I can only hope that as I grow, I take their influences and someday have two friends as beautiful as them to share fabulous adventures with.


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