You gotta Believe.

I linked up with THIS girl [Leslie @ ABlondeAmbition] because I think her blog’s amazing & because I may have a few confessions to get off my chest.
Confession– A few things are weighing heavy on my heart today, well to be honest, a few days now. Deep breath. I’m letting these few things go here so I can go on with my sunshine-y day.
1. THIS post got me thinking & is exactly what is weighing so heavy on my heart.
I try to control too much within my life. When things aren’t going exactly how I want them to, I make them go how I want to. I force the pieces to fit exactly how I want to. Maybe those pieces weren’t meant to fit… Maybe when I quit forcing things, they will fall into place..Exactly how they were meant to fall. I have to have patience & faith – what’s meant to be, will be. Que Sera Sera.
2.Philophobia– the fear of emotional attachment; fear of being in, or falling in love. Pretty sure I suffer from this. I freak out. I was in a four year relationship that ended super messy. [6 years ago!] But haven’t dated anyone SERIOUSLY since then. Um. No joke. No boyfriend. It weighs so heavy on me how much [especially now]  I am going through now, & how much I want someone to share it with. How much greater pleasure these great opportunities would be to share with someone else. How much love I have in my heart that I want to share.
Which brings me to the last confession.. I promise.
3.I hate moping. I legitamately think it’s such a waste of time & would rather look for the GREAT in things. Sometimes you have to let it out. Releasing these two [brief] items off my heart helps. So thanks for listening. I’ll go back to smiling now.
Today- I made the best lunch EVER & ate in the sunshine. See below.
So easy to make, just toss all the following in a bowl & top with baslamic vinegar,or whatever dressing you like:
1/2 can tuna fish
 (alfalfa & clover blend)
1/4 can garbanzo beans
cherry tomatoes
1/4 can string beets
& I topped mine off with a little non-fat feta cheese
Literally it took 3 minutes to throw all the ingredients together & tasted so yummy. Enjoy!
The smiles back! Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “You gotta Believe.

  1. Jeez that is the healthiest bowl of random stuff I've ever seen. Props to you. I ate a burrito bowl from Chipotle for lunch. Whoops

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