Oh Saturdays, how I love you.

This is my last weekend in SoCal & let me tell you today was magical! One of those days that everything just feels good. I am trying to quit drinking a whole pot cut down my coffee consumption & even without the massive caffeine intake-which was substituted with green tea-, I felt amazing.
I headed to the gym early & finished my first week of endurance training which consists of lots of repetitions using the same muscle group and a whole lot of sore muscles.
 Here’s a [simpler] routine I did which focused on the chest & the triceps (the back of the arm):
Wide pushups
Dumbbell bench press
Dumbbell flys
Narrow pushups
Overhead Tricep Dumbbell Extension
I did 12 repetitions / exercise and completed the whole list 3 times.
By the end of it I was rocked- in a good way.
After my workout I headed paddle-boarding with a crew from my work. SO.FUN. The weather was gorgeous & the water in the harbor was SO calm. I have amazing luck seeing cool wildlife waterlife(see this post) & today we saw a few seals!
Then we headed to Secret Spot [That’s really it’s name]. The place is amazing & so yummy! It’st a little vegetarian hideout in Huntington Beach *they serve meat too* but they use fresh ingredients & make super healthy wraps, burritos & even smoothies & juices.
& yes I totally ate THE WHOLE THING.
Then my day got even better..I got the BEST phone call ever. It literally had me jumping up & down in my car. I haven’t seen *my adventure partner in 3 whole months [love/hate relationship with baseball] & he called to tell me he’s coming to visit once I get to my new place! So stoked. He’s originally from the town I’m moving to, so his family is there, & he knows ALL the best hiking trails & fun outdoorsy stuff to do in the area…Which I love! I’m so excited to see him & explore my new home together. We have the best adventures! 🙂
Today was awesome & I’m so thankful to those I got to enjoy it with. It’s true what they say:
“Happiness is only truly real when it’s shared.”

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