Have you ever listened to someone speak about something that made them REALLY happy? Like when they speak super fast, their eyes light up & their whole face brightens? They are SO happy about whatever it is, that it litterally makes YOU just as happy?! I want to share that toe-tingling happiness with others. What other way than to tell it. Right? Maybe it’s a great idea, or one that sounds WAY better in my head.. but why not. Share whatever/whoever/wherever makes you outrageoulsy happy today:
For me. It’s this guy.
Graduation 2012 Cal State Long Beach 066
This is my grandpa, Francis. He is WAY more than my grandpa. He’s my soul-friend. Literally. He & I get each other. First off I should explain, that he & I are not related by blood. My mom’s real father passed-away when she was fourteen. I never met him. My grandma remarried Francis before I was ever born & he has been my Grandpa since always. He was meant to be in my life.
I got the pleasure last summer of living with him for three months. I spent a summer interning in Kirkland, Washington with Google’s G-Fit Center [Un-Real] but the best part was that at 24 years old [at the time] I got to live with my Grandpa. Not many people my age get to spend that much time with their grandparents, & I was lucky to be “roommates” with him as he called it.
It was the best summer of my life. I can’t stop smiling about it as I write. He is the funniest man on the planet as well as the most genuine soul!
This is the time when I got him addicted to the Bachelor [Ashley’s season] & he and I would spend our Sunday evenings together watching it & let me tell you. He picked J.P. from the very first episode. His commentary made every episode so much better. Gosh, I love this man.
The best part of the whole experience spending time with him, was going out to “visit” my Grandma. My grandma was the most beautiful woman, & I took it VERY hard when she passed away. So did my Grandpa. I missed her voice, her hugs, her smell. Everything. Even to this day. It’s super tough for me to talk about. My grandpa gets that & shares these same emotions. I will never forget it. He usually goes & visits her gravesite once a week & brings her flowers & trims the headstone & sits out there & talks with her. When I was there,  he put that on hold, because he wasn’t sure how I would feel about going out there.
Right before I finished my internship and was about to move back to California he asked me to go with him. I dreaded it. I felt flooded with emotions. Tears welled in my eyes. I just miss her so much. His face was weary asking, you could tell & I couldn’t let him down. I put on my best smile & said “let’s go.”
We went- my grandpa & I. Standing in front of my grandma’s headstone we both wept. My grandpa held my hand, and we both stood in silence, weeping.
“I just miss her.” I said.
“Me too Little One.” He said.
We stood like this for ten minutes. Walking back to the car we were both silent and he held me in a hug. In this moment, we shared so much. Him and I are the same person, I swear. I know he was put on this planet to be a friend and Grandpa just for me.
We still recap the Bachelor together on the phone each week. Sharing these moments with someone so precious makes me the HAPPIEST Little One [My Grandpa’s nickname for me since birth] on the whole planet.
So let’s try it. Link Up. Share who/what/where makes you INCREDIBLY happy today !

One thought on “Shared.Sundays.

  1. Aww this is such a cute story! I love the bond yall have 🙂 For me I think this would be my mom I love hearing old storys about how her and my father met or about when she was my age.
    Now following you. Hope you follow back!

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