Confessional Friday

So, if you haven’t already you have to check out this girls’ blog. It’s definitely one I read each morning & I can’t get enough of  this girls’ take on life (not to mention great style).
I’m linking up with her to give you my Friday Confessions. (I couldn’t resist)
I confess : That I’m a workaholic. Legitamately. It’s only the first week and already I brought my work laptop home. The keyword in that previous sentence is WORK laptop. I’d been at the office yesterday 11 hours and finally had to go home cause my body literally began eating itself I was so hungry. That didn’t stop me from bringing that darn computer home and shooting off eight more e-mails and setting several appointments though. This may be a problem.
I confess: I miss my friends. It’s a little scary being in a new city all alone. It sort of gives me anxiety. I’m hoping to meet some new people this weekend… Anyone have friends in SF? 🙂
I confess: I went to church for the first time (in a REALLY long time) last week. It’s amazing how much it clears your head and I left with a fresh prespective. It felt awesome. For some reason, I was dreading going by myself, but I overcame  that fear and it was SO worth it.
I confess:  That letting friends go can be good thing. It’s not the end of the world. There is no drama. Friends can really grow apart. People change. If you met them today, would you be friends with them? Sometimes it really is ok to let friends go and no I won’t judge you as a bad friend.
I confess: My new favorite show is How I Met Your Mother. How am I just learning about this show?! I’ve been Netflixing it EVERY night this week after work. Awesome.
I confess: That I am a Grandma. And not simply because I work ALOT. I really like doing simple things. I think they are the greatest things in life. Plop me on the couch, with some good food, good movies and good company and I’m in my element.

I’m all confessed out.
Don’t judge me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Confessional Friday

  1. I agree letting friends go can be a good thing. especially if they cause you more heartache than happiness. just found your blog. i was reading around & you're from socal but live in SF now? its funny bc im from norcal but live in socal now! where did you graduate from? i love meeting cali bloggers! new follower & I LOVE your fringe suit, i have the same one!


  2. I literally just moved about two weeks ago to Marin. Where in Socal did you move? What a small world. We switched one California girl for another 🙂 I graduated from CSU Long Beach. Did you go to school in Norcal?

    Awesome “meeting” you! It sounds like we have way too much in common. 🙂

    Happy Saturday!

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