A Slice of Motivation.

Have you ever felt like you’re doing exactly WHAT you need to be doing, exactly WHERE you should be doing it & doing it exactly WHEN you need to be?! Ahhhh. The pieces of my life have fit themselves into this whole “real world” puzzle.
I know it’s my first week on the job & it may be a little premature to say this but – I love my job. Really love it. Today at work, I learned some pretty important lessons that may help you love your job too:1.  Trust Yourself.
I am afraid to try something or do something if I don’t fully understand how to do it. I hold off. I wait. I don’t trust myself. The funny thing is I usually always know how to do it. I know the answers. Today, I went for it. Today, I thought you know what just do it. & you know what?! People applauded my initiative. People liked that I didn’t need someone to hold my hand. I got this.
2. Follow through.
Have you ever had a problem, where you had to call someone & get something fixed & the person on the line seems as though they could care less? You have to keep calling, and they send you to different people without giving you any answers? I most certainly have, and it’s SUPER annoying. I get to help people with questions, and I don’t want to be that annoying voice on the other end. Call it good customer service, but I call it following through. Today, it was amazing how nice people can be on the phone, when you simply care, and try your best to help them out.
3. Doing good, makes you feel good.
It’s amazing in helping others, how great it makes you feel. I couldn’t believe the amount of accolades that I received simply for doing my job and following through. Receiving those kind words just fed my ambition to help others more, and the people on the other end noticed. They understood I wanted to help, enjoyed my positive attitude and gave it back- tenfold.
4. Throw yourself into something and it’s amazing what you can accomplish.
This position was a new position within the company. It really had no “rules” or systems. They basically gave me a goal and said here you go- try to reach it. It was a little scary at first. As part of it, I created a list of about 40 people that I needed to CALL. I HATE calling people. I feel like I am being bothersome, annoying, etc, plus I wasn’t exactly sure how to get my information out. I sat in my office, glaring at the list for about five minutes. I thought “OK. This is ridiculous- it has to get done.” I took a deep breath and did not let myself leave my office until I had called ALL 40 people. It’s amazing the responses and great things that came out of it. A co-worker came in “You actually did that today?! How did you do all of that. Awesome.” The truth is it was easy, it really didn’t take that long. The more calls I made, the more confident I was. I was more fearful in the beginning because I felt I wasn’t prepared enough, or it wouldn’t come across as great as I envisioned. That comes with practice… And to practice, guess what?! You have to do it.

Wow. Maybe I should write some motivational speeches for companies. I promise though- these lessons sound so cliche- but they are SO true. Try them out. See how they work for you.

This job, couldn’t be a better fit for me. I am so blessed to have a position that I love and that has helped me learn so many things about myself. These lessons apply to so many things outside of work. I feel like I am finally somewhere I was meant to be. All the previous chaos and change were completely worth it. I trust that this is the right path for me. I trust that each little thing that gave me anxiety or scared me was to get me here- and I couldn’t be happier.


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