Friday’s Confessional



Yes! & I certainly couldn’t be more  stoked. This certainly leahe beginning of an awesome weekend. Let me start by kicking it off with… FRIDAY‘S CONFESSIONAL:
I confess: I can’t wait to get home from work tonight and finish season six of How I Met Your Mother. Yes, this is how I “get down” on Friday.
I confess: I haven’t worked out since Monday. I finally realized I may need to listen to my body and “sweating” out my cold was not the best option Monday. I am the worst person ever at being sick-because I am NEVER sick. I like to ignore symptoms and keep rolling full steam ahead until it can no longer be ignored..Whoops. Please cold- rid yourself of my body. Thank you.
I confess: I couldn’t be more excited for my pink & yellow blazers to arrive from Urban Outfitters. I’ve secretly been dying to get my hands on these & finally found the perfect ones. Pumped. I hope the mailman hurries. 🙂
I confess: Lebron won a championship? I’m still trying to figure out why he insists on the nickname King James? Ok. Maybe I’m just jealous.
I confess: My life has gotten a little too boring. I hope that I don’t ignore too much of life because of work- speaking of… I’m off to the office.
Happy Friday!

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