Friday Confessions.

I almost forgot! It’s Friday & that also means confessions! Link up with the beautiful Leslie to get those confessions out.
I confess-  It’s been making me naseous seeing these women discussing their affairs with married men all over the NEWS. I cannot stand to hear Rielle Hunter blubbering on and on about her AFFAIR with John Edwards. I don’t care to listen to her justification. Apparently there is another news story that discusses women dating married men. Why are these women on the news? Am I missing something?
I confess- Getting up at 5:00 am for spin this week has been amazing. Thank you endorphins. In the famous words of Elle Woods (Legally Blonde):” Exercise produces endorphins. Endorphins make you happy & happy people just don’t kill their husbands.”
I confess- that I love sending birthday gifts. I am secretly jumping with joy to hear how my adventure partner likes the gifts I sent him.
I confess- It’s been hard for me to meet new people. I need to come up with a fabulous way to make friends outside of work. Any bloggy friends live around San Francisco? 🙂
I confess- I am thinking of making the trip to Kentucky in August to see my best friend Matt compete in IronMan. Kentucky + Matt could be alot of fun! I am so proud of him.
I’m all confessed out. Ahhhh much better.

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