New Levels.

Ok. Ok. So maybe it’s not MY birthday.. But it is one of my favorite people’s birthday.. My “adventure partners'”- & it makes me excited. I love birthdays & especially his, because he makes adventures WAY more fun! I sent him a rad little package to celebrate since he’s far away.  
On another note-
Whoa- time sure does fly by. Guess what?! It’s Friday! That means another weekend & do you know know what I’m most excited about?
I am so pumped to see this tonight! A co-worker from work & I are going to catch this little gem tonight. I’ll let you know how it is. Obviously if it includes half dressed Channing Tatum, it can’t be bad.
Being the nerd that I am I finished Russell Brand’s Book “My Booky Wook 2” last night. He’s nutty & I really enjoy him. He has a lot of interesting takes on life & spiritually he has a LOT to discuss. My favorite part in the book describes his concept of spirituality and the “game of life” relating it to the film The Matrix.
” …that the universe, in my extraterrestrial worshipping language or God in his, sets challenges for you, and until you overcome them you remain ensnared on that “level”. For me, for the longest time I was trapped on a narcotic plateau, and until I addressed the problem I could not progress spiritually.”
Yes, he’s a little extreme but I get his thoughts here. I relate. No, my plateau was not related to narcotics, but I have been stuck in a “bad place” for awhile and did not reach the next level until I learned the lessons I needed to to progress. I like this concept.
Seven months ago I finally beat the level I was stuck on for two long. It’s crazy today for me to look back at where I was. I am a different person. I took those lessons from that “level” & ran with them. I know now that I am on another level-waiting to take what I need to complete it & get to the next. Challenge accepted.
I also just got the three new books I ordered- which was AWESOME timing.
I am a total bookworm. I cannot wait to spend Saturday lounging in the sun & reading. Ahhhh weekend- I love you.
Has anyone read any of these books?
Oh & I also got those blazers I mentioned a few posts ago from Urban Outfitters… Friday couldn’t be more perfect in stripes & a yellow blazer!
Happy Friday!

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