Just another Monday?

Just another Monday? No thanks. I am pumped that it’s the first Monday of a new month. There’s so much to look forward to!
This weekend I am going to head to San Jose to watch my favorite adventure partner play some baseball! Stoked. The team is finally close enough that I can go & catch a game. I am literally jumping for joy inside.
Wednesday is the fourth of July already? What?! What is it about the fourth of July that gets me so excited? Summer, barbeques, friends? Growing up in Idaho, I used to spend the fourth of July out on Lake Coeur d’Alene on the boat with my family & a bunch of my friends. That’s the perfect way to spend the holiday.
I had to recap my Friday night movie experience.. Magic Mike.
I have never seen such amazing eye candy in my life. Ever.
The first half of the movie I COULD NOT quit smiling. Seriously. These boys are hot. & I have to say, I have a new crush. Joe Manganiello. Um. Can you say gorgeous?!
I should let you know, that I have a thing for shaggy dark-haired boys. More than a thing. In fact my friends make fun of me. The three guys I have seriously dated, look like triplets. It’s hard to tell them apart in pictures… My bad. Joe Manganiello may fit right in.
Now that my Monday has been made by pictures of Joe, I’ll get back to my real reason for this post, my July goals:
1. Spin my booty off
Spin at 5:45 am has been super motivating. It’s my goal to keep this one up. Five days of morning spin? I’ll have my booty to thank for this one.
2. Detox
I tried my juice / protein shake detox this weekend, and it was awesome. I felt amazing this morning after two whole days of it. I like using the weekend for detox. With the protein shakes, I didn’t get hungry.
This Sunwarrior protein is AWESOME. Definitely kept any cravings away. I mix it with almond milk, & I use a banana in it in the morning as well, since I am still working out. YUM.
3. Read
I want to finish 3 books this month. I think I am well on my way towards this one. I’ve found myself excited to get home from work & pick up my book. Anyone have some good recommendations for my next read?
Those are my big three goals for this month. Let’s see how they go over these summer temperatures & outdoor activites!

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