IPhone Adventures.

Happy Fourth!
These are the Hudson cropped pants I mentioned in THIS post. So comfortable & I thought pretty patriotic for the office yesterday.
& my yellow blazer I was so excited about in THIS post… I may have a thing for stripes.
I got invited by a friend in at work to hit a BBQ after work yesterday for the fourth. So fun. (YES! have I mentioned how much I want to meet more people?!) I of course had to show up with something & since the girl loves champagne, I found this lovely bottle & no- I didn’t mean to coordinate it with my outfit….
This is looking across the bay toward San Francisco.. Obviously the city is caked in by fog, so it made it tough to really catch the whole fireworks over the city.
I finally made my day adventure out to Stinson. The drive there was like being in a whole other world. The fog was SO thick. I had to stop & take a picture. Once I got to Stinson Beach, the fog opened up and the beach was packed, the sun was shining and all was right in the world!
Thanks phone for catching this weeks adventures.

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