On a Mission.

Mission = Work it Girl.
This week has been legitamately crazy, but there’s GREAT news. When you work hard, AWESOME things happen- I promise.
My hard work has  paid off. I’m getting back into training & teaching classes next week! YES. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly love being the Programs Concierge & Specialty Programs Coordinator, but I miss training & teaching classes. It seriously makes me happy.  It’s going to be crazy trying to do ALL these jobs- but how awesome are they?!
I am pumped. So pumped, I had to let all my energy out. I joined some of the other managers for a spin class at noon. I sweated my booty off & left those boys in the dust. I “won” by riding 19.9 miles. Scott won “second place” with 18.9 miles. That’s right boys, I earned that win. I love making things competitive & it was a blast to take a break mid-afternoon with other managers. Did I mention I love my job? 🙂
Then I hit the studio for my own workout. I finally sat down the other night & planned out my workouts for the next month. Yes-I said month. It may sound like a weird thing, but I promise when you go to the gym with a plan, you work out more effectively. My workouts are always way more effective when I’m not stumbling around trying to figure out what I should be doing. I go in with a purpose.  Plus, I found some creative ways to mix it up and break through that plateau I’ve been stuck at for awhile now.
This workout rocked me.
& Yes, I hit the stair mill afterwards for a good 40 minute climb.
I’ll let you know how my booty feels tomorrow.


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