Oh Hi.

you should never give up. no matter how hard the situation is, always belie that something beautiful is going to happen.
Well hello there.
Yes. It’s Me. Courtney.
Isn’t it funny how fast time can slip by? How you can get so wrapped up in your everyday that you sort of forget to do the things you really like doing? Cough.Cough. Like Blogging.
That isn’t to say that I haven’t enjoyed ALL the journeys that have gotten me to the present. I found the following note I wrote to my “future self” which lead to my return with this post:

“I am so happy and thankful now that I have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and have graduated college. I have taken my abilities to a new level. I have concentrated on making the decisions that will impact my future for the better and avoided the fatal distractions I used to fall for. I have found the desire to improve within myself and set goals to become 1% better each day. I continue to let go of the past and understand that my future relationships cannot progress if I continue to let those of the past rule my mind. I have the tools to solve conflicts.”I came across this decree I wrote to myself on a notecard a little over a year and a half ago.I wrote it detailing how I saw my life a year from that day. I hadn’t made these changes yet – but it was a way of envisioning the place and mindset I wanted my life to look like.
 I AM so happy and SO thankful. The huge weight is off my shoulders. Writing these thoughts manifested these dreams into a reality.
I am a big proponent of “getting your mind right” as Todd Durkin (my fitness mentor) says. In fact the decree exercise came from Todd.

Todd recently put on a workshop for the management team of the club that I work for. In that workshop he detailed several of the techniques he uses to progress his life to where he wants to be each and everyday. “Do something each day that makes you 1% better.” One of them is WRITE down your “BIG 5” for the year. These are the five things that you want to accomplish in one year. Everything that you do on a daily basis should somehow be getting you closer to these goals- if it’s not, why are you doing it?
So in the spirit of getting one percent better each day, I’m setting these goals so that next year I can measure my success and really focus on my BIG 5.

1. Find someone to enjoy little things with, someone with character and who makes me laugh, someone who wants to help me reach my BIG 5 in life and more.
2. Do a fitness competition.
3. Run a full marathon.
4. Pay off my student loans.
5. Go on a REAL vacation.

Alright. My BIG 5 for next year are set. Do-able in ONE year? Absolutely. My future self thanks me.


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