Blog LOVE.

Anahid Head Shot

What I love most about my job and being in the fitness industry is the amount of AMAZING people I meet. Seriously, I’ve been honored to work with, meet, and train with some of the most inspiring, innovative and all-around awesome people on my journey through the fitness world.

I had the opportunity while in college to do a corporate internship in Kirkland, Washington with Google as part of their G-Fit Wellness Program. Best.Experience.Ever. The part that made it extra memorable for me was one of my co-workers- Anahid. Not only does she have the brains and fitness knowledge, but she has a way of inspiring those around her. She’s one of the most positive and charming people that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I couldn’t have been more inspired and motivated while in the workplace.

Check out her blog- ChasingCake. She shares her enthusiasm for a healthy, well-balanced life while maintaining that fitness and health does not have to be about “extremes”. Her blog is full of sweat inducing workouts and yummy “get in my belly” recipes. & yes, she’s as sweet and funny in person as she sounds. So chase after a healthy life- while eating cake.


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