Get Your Mind Right.

Get your mind right. It’s a motto my mentor Todd Durkin repeats religiously through workouts and print. He is 110% right on.

Part of getting my mind right has been reading. Learning from books that inspire me, strengthen my character and remind me of great leadership qualities. If you have not read Robin Sharma’s book “The Leader Who Had No Title”, I throughly recommend it. After spending the first twenty minutes reading from it at 5:00 am this morning I took a very powerful message out of it..

“Your health will never be better than your self-image. When you really start to believe in your natural leadership power and how awesome you truly are, your behaviors around health will improve dramatically. But it all begins within.”

You are in charge of your beliefs and your behaviors. Self-defeating messages create un-desired outcomes. Think you can never wake up early to workout- guess what?! You never will. Getting your mind right means believing you can. This involes constantly re-training your mind to focus on the positive and push yourself and your body to new heights.


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