High On Life.

Positive thoughts make greater things  #positive #thoughts #quote
I just got back from the best hardest two day training….. GRIT. 
Two days of straight high intensity interval training….
FOR FOUR HOURS.. + some “lecture”.
The training was awesome and I walked away with choreography and some coaching tips.
The far more valuable lesson I learned?
You are stronger than you imagine.
Each of us has so much to offer and we have to be confident in ourselves, be authentic.
When you let the true you shine, you become magnetic.
You inspire.
Become dynamic, and inspiring. Do more.
Don’t hold your gift back from the world.
Whatever it is that you’re good at, become great.
Whatever you’re passionate about, throw yourself into completely.
Push yourself past your limits & I think you’ll be surprised at what you find.
If you can, you should.
Take a few minutes this Monday to truly be happy.
Here’s a few things that got my spirit happy this AM:
This run the other afternoon- yes, those are my feet.

Happy People Create It.


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