Motivate Me Monday.

For those of you who need some extra motivation on this dreaded Monday- check in here and share your motivation with others on “Motivate Me Monday.”

Your body can stand almost anything

Too often in my group exericise classes or during training sessions, I hear people say they are not living the life they want. They’re afraid to set goals because they’re too afraid to fail.
The stimulant for change in most people is typically about getting rid of something in their lives, rather than gaining something. Most individuals are driven more by moving away from something they dislike than from moving towards pleasure according to Nick Jarvis at the Fitpro Network. For most people, joining a gym is a step in the “uncomfortable” direction. This discomfort causes most to question their motivation- and the desired outcome or vision must outweigh the nagging questions in their minds such as “do I really want to be doing this” and “will this pain be worth it.”
To follow through on change- three things need to be present. First, you need to have a clear vision of what you are going to gain from change. This gives us a desired outcome. Second, you must have enough unhappiness with your current situation to want to change. Last, you must have a clear knowledge of how you are going to get from where you are to how you are going to get to your desired outcome.
This is where goal setting comes in. A goal is really only a destination- where you want to be. A vision is a goal and destitation that comes with benefits. This is what answers the question – is it worth it? To progress your goals into visions ask yourself what you GAIN by making changes to your current situation. What do you hope to gain from losing five pounds or from increasing your strength?
Imagine what it would be like to acheive your goal. Make sure your vision  is broken down into smaller steps and establish the key things that need to be achieved. These small outcomes will lead you directly to your desired outcome- without it seeming so monumental. This also helps you to measure your progress on a regular basis- are you visiting the gym three times a week for a half hour? Keep yourself accountable and watch your motivation soar.
Believe you can and you will achieve your goal and virtually guarantee your success.
How do you break down your BIG goal into smaller more achieveable steps? What motivates you to achieve your desired outcome?

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