Let it fuel you. Do more of what motivates you. The motivation that swells inside you is pushing you towards something better and towards your greater purpose. It’s that little feeling that tugs at your heart and tells you to go for it. Listen to it.
This weekend I’m turning 26 years old. My best friend turned to me & he said ” You should do 26 sets of stairs for you birthday.” Challenge accepted. Next weekend, I’m running a 20K through the trails near Rodeo Beach on Saturday and then will be performing 26 sets of stairs (pictured above) on Sunday. Happy 26th birthday to me.
These are the things that motivate me and bring happiness to each of my days. I’ll share one more secret. When I find it hard to find the motivation and inspiration to push myself further, I look to this- My motivation board.
Create a board and post those inspiring words, pictures etc that can lift you up in times when your motivation is lacking. Find your motivation.



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