Ten Random Thoughts

Exactly why I workout. Best.Feeling.

Happy Tuesday!

There’s no way that I’m letting a little rain or my sniffly nose hold me back today. Yes, I still hit the gym at 5:00 AM to crush a leg workout with another awesome friend of mine, Scott. Nothing beats some partner motivation that early!

Legs ( & booty) are a huge part of what makes one competitor stand out from another. Defined glutes and hamstrings make a difference. & it just so happens, it’s my favorite body part to work on!

Outlined below is the workout that made my legs into jelly today (4 sets, typically dropping reps & increasing weight):

Stiff Leg Deadlifts (205 lb max for 5)
Leg Press (450 lb max for 5)
KB Bench Sumo Squats (65 lb for 12)
TRX Single Leg Lunges (12 each leg)
Smith Rack Hip Bridge (90 lb for 10)
I left the workout feeling super inspired and ready to share Ten Random Thoughts that have made this year (January & February) incredibly fulfilling.

1. When you throw yourself completely into something and go after it with all you have, when you live & breathe your passion, you’ll surprise yourself with the results.
2. Putting pen to paper and writing out your goals works like magic. Ask and you shall receive.
3. If you’re not happy, find the source of unhappiness and CHANGE it. Don’t let others control your mood.
4. Positive people and thoughts attract positive people and thoughts.
5. Every person you meet has something they can teach you. Don’t leave them without learning their message.
6. The decisions you make in one day can change the outcome of your whole life. The little choices no longer seem so little. Make them. Go big.
7. When you surround yourself with amazing people, the ones who inspire and motivate you, you’ll be surprised at the heights they lift you to.
8. Insecurities do nothing but hold you back- throw them out the window. Quit comparing yourself to others and you release the chains that hold you back and become the best version of yourself.
9. Reading is an underrated vacation.
10. Nothing beats sunshine, sweat, salt-water or smiles.


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