Things I’m Loving Thursday.

Thursday is here!
There’s so much that I’ve been so excited to share this week. So here it goes:

How cute is the back of this top?! I’m slighty obsessed with workout gear, since I spend 26 hours a day in it.. Ok, I’m being dramatic, but I love, love, love this brand! Lots of great styles & colors, and it won’t break the bank. I’m always down for a deal on affordable gym swag! Check ’em out.

Exactly why I workout. Best.Feeling.

My motivation board on Pintrest. Shameless self-promo? Sure, why not? I’m not going to lie, my 40 minutes of fasted cardio was tough this am. Getting out of bed at 3:30 to head to the gym before work to knock it out was even tougher. A few peaks at this board and some positive self-talk this am did the trick.  I feel so much better now that it’s out of the way & my body is secretly thanking me 😉

I’m REALLY enjoying the thought of Saturday morning’s TURBOKICK at 24hour. I  can barely hold back my enthusiasm. I love teaching TURBOKICK, but sometimes it’s just as fun to take the class and enjoy it all for myself. Chalene Johnson, the creator, is amazing. If she doesn’t inspire you, then I don’t know what will.

I’m on a roll today with amazing women. I’ve been drawing on all the inspirational sources I can to pull me through this week. I’ve been following the girls over at Tone It Up for a few years now and can’t tell you how inspiring it’s been to see their evolution. The girls’ glowing tans, beachy hair and positive vibes help me remember what I love about fitness- have fun with it. They’ve got some great workout videos and an awesome nutrition plan and recipes to help keep your mind and body healthy. I’m pretty sure we’d be immediate besties in real life.

& finally I’m loving the fact that next weekend I will be in Arizona soaking up some sun, a little spring training action and some time with one of my amazing friends (I just may be turning into a Colorado Rockies fan). Let the countdown begin.

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