Get 1% better each day.
There’s a bazillion things I love about the fitness industry but the thing I love most is how much there is to offer & how many talented people there are out there that inspire people to move. Every where I look there’s a different class being offered, or a different spin on an old aerobics class etc. & I have yet to try them ALL out yet. Today (well technically tomorrow) I decided I’m going to get out there and discover something new- a Barre class!
I’ve heard such awesome things about the Barre Method classes & a studio recently opened up the street from my house. A friend at work mentioned the class & I decided I’m going to try something new!
Xtend Barre by the Sea has created a workout based upon the prinicples of Ballet and Pilates. The fusion of which is said to create a long, lean, “chiseled” physique. It doesn’t sound like I need much more than that! For as short as I am (I’m 5/3 & 3/4) throw the term lengthen into any workout & I’m in. Twitter has been blowing up with reviews by people who have checked out the studio already : ” Nothing like some pliés, relevés, passé abs, and cardio to get my morning going!”
I’m pumped to try this class tomorrow am & share a review with you- perhaps I’ll see some of you there!
Try something new this Tuesday & let me know what classes or workouts I need to try next!
Happy Tuesday!

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