…By the Sea.

Thigh Burner: Sit in Chair, Minus the Barre

Sooo, this morning I visited the Xtend Barre studio in Oceanside and (drum roll please)…
IT WAS AMAZING and so was the whole experience.
I signed up for the class online at XtendBarrebythesea , which took me .2 seconds. The studio was easy to find and I walked right in. The receptionist was super friendly and engaging (& had the same LuLu pants on that I LOVE and wear everyday [minor exaggeration]) She greeted me by name and already had my name on the list to sign-in. She let me borrow a pair of sticky socks.. I had no idea that you needed socks with grips on the bottom and she pointed out the lockers to keep my wallet and sweater in. Since I’ve never (and I mean NEVER) done any ballet or dance classes, I was a tad bit anxious and totally out of my comfort zone. She made me feel right at home and introduced me right away to the instructor, Yuri, who took threw any concerns I had about “looking stupid” right out the door.
I typically like classes that consist of at least five people- due to the fact that in group settings like that, I find I feed off the energy of others and find it more entertaining. Although there was only one other woman taking the class with me this am, the instructor made up for the other “missing” three people. Yuri was fabulous! He zipped through the whole class, challenging me, cracking jokes and correcting my form. He kept the energy high and kept up with the amazing beats pumping through the studio.
For as much as I’ve been training, the class KILLED my legs & most importantly my booty. There was lots of little movements done at high repetitions that fatigued my legs at lightening speed.
I left with my legs quivering and a huge smile on my face. The class was just what I needed and exceeded the expectations I had. My booty is going to thank me for this one tomorrow! I should mention the first class is FREE! Definitely worth checking out at least one time.
So, besides the Barre classes and training with Spencer Aiken (my bikini prep coach) I’ve been running along the beach when I get the chance before work. The beach is literally right outside my garage door and is so inviting and invigorating in the early am!
I’ve been running from the Oceanside Pier to Carlsbad Village drive, which is about two and a half miles (one way) through sand. I’m noticing the strength that I’ve been gaining in my workouts has translated to running and it’s no longer about me “huffing and puffing” through the run, but rather loving the feeling of the salt in the air and the sand kicking up behind me. There’s nothing like the sun, sand, and salt-water in the early mornings to help clear your head and appreciate the things that life has to offer.
Do you enjoy outdoor activities as much as I do? There’s just something about getting out in nature that kicks those endorphins into high gear!
Happy Wednesday!

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