Things I LOVE Thursday (April 4).

Happy Thursday!
Yippee- the weekend is almost here which is definitely making me jump and shout this am.

Here’s some of the things I’m LOVING this first week in April.

The number one spot has to go to my Booty Team! (#officialbootyteam on Istagram)
My coach, Spencer Aiken at is beyond awesome and my glutes have never looked like they do now. I’m loving the results that I’ve gotten working out with him twice each week. He also sends me workouts to do on my own when I’m not training with him that hold me accountable. He rocks! I’m loving the progress I’ve been making and I’m feeling more confident with four weeks to go until my next show!

Healthy and delicious egg white protein
If you love Egg whites as much as I do (or live off them) then you have to check out Muscle Egg’s liquid egg whites in chocolate carmel! They’re unreal & make an even meaner protein pancake. This time I’ve been craving chocolate ANYTHING during my prep and this has keeping the cravings at bay. This is my new go-to satisfying treat!
Meteor Shower - Glitter Competition Bikini
Last night was like Christmas for me! I got my swimsuit & am obsessed! And by obsessed I mean I absolutely love everything about this shiny, shimmering piece of splendor:
Sorry, the image isn’t the greatest, but check it out here. It’s so pretty on! My coach suggested I go with green or purple, since these colors tend to look best on blondes onstage. I couldn’t be happier. I have ordered my last two competition suits off of Waterbabiesbikini and HIGHLY recommend using them if you’re doing a competition. The suits are gorgeous and they have a wide assortment that are super easy to order. The suits are even prettier in person too! I ordered mine and it arrived in less than 3 days! I can’t wait to strut this little bikini across the stage May 4!
Happy Thursday!

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