The Most Underrated Gift.

So there I was at the gym at four am this morning- struggling to finish my 40 minutes of cardio.
Prior to getting there, I was tired, un-motivated and un-inspired.
I grinded out my daily cardio session and was jumping off the stairmill, when the girl on the stairmill next to me took out her headphones and stopped me.
“Are you competing? You look amazing! I see you in here every morning and I just have to tell you that your body is awesome. You’re my inspiration.”
If this girl only knew how much this compliment meant to me.
How sweet was it of her to take the time to compliment me?! I think too often we don’t compliment one another enough. The smile that this girl left me with and the motivation she handed me this morning was one of the greatest gifts I could have gotten.
Today, many of us are too quick to let others know what we are unhappy with, or what we don’t like about things or people. What about the great things? The things that motivate us? The things we enjoy? The people we truly admire?
Thank you so much to the girl this morning who put a huge smile on my face and reminded me how great a sincere compliment feels. I’m passing it on and I hope you do today as well! Remember- a sincere compliment is the most underrated gift you can give to someone. Make someone else smile today.

You are the finest loveliest tenderest and most beautiful person I have ever known and even that is an understatement


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