Beat Terrible Tuesday.

Who created Tuesday? It may be one of the most useless days on the planet simply for the fact that A) it’s not the beginning of the week B) it’s not mid week and C) it means there are still at least three more days until the weekend (unless you’re on of those overachievers who work on Saturday and Sunday)

I am assuming I am not the only one who struggles to get through this terrible idea called Tuesday, let alone find the drive to crush my workout. For that I need to dig deep into my bag of tricks. During the 1,352 Tuesday’s of my life, I’ve slowly cultivated a list of ten things that can push me, pull me and straight up force me to complete my workout and hey, by the end of it, Tuesday’s only look 1/2 as Terrible.
1. Get jealous. Don’t go green with envy, but go hulk style on your workout with some serious inspiration. Find those people that motivate you and take a few minutes to have those feelings of “if they can do it I can do it better!”. I use Istagram for this. I follow a handful (or more) of #fitspos and #daily_motivation pages and browse through them when I’m not feeling a workout. Seriously, some of those bodies are ridiculous. After scrolling through a few of these pics I promise you’ll be leaping out of your office chair and tossing those Nike’s on.
2. Amp yourself up. Your pre-workout nutrition can be just as important as your post….. You have to do the workout  to actually be concerned with the aftershock. A pre-workout “shake” does the trick for me before my early am cardio. I like Cellucor’s C4 in blue ice. After slamming 10 ounces, the gym ain’t got nothing on me. For those who avoid supplements- black coffee has around the same effect. A little caffeine pick-me-up goes a long way to helping you avoid the am/mid-morning/mid-afternoon/early evening/evening slumps. We all have ’em, now you know how to beat ’em.  
3. Have a plan. The gym can be a nightmare sometimes. Between the constant barrage of meatheads and lines for the ab/adductor machines the gym can be a downright stress-inducer. Having a plan can bypass most of the most common gym annoyances. Plan your workout. By doing this you can avoid the “well what am I going to do now” excuse. Having a purpose for your workout sets you on a mission, instead of the ole’ “well i got some bicep curls in” workout, you’ll actually walk out of the gym with a sense of accomplishment (and a solid post-workout swag). Once you have an idea of what your workout will look like be flexible. Ok, so maybe you’ll have to use the leg press now instead of after your deadlifts. You’ll survive I promise. Oh & in case you need help planning those workouts- subscribe to my blog at the link on the bottom & you’ll get a copy of my favorite workout of the week! You can thank me later.
4. Fake it ’til you make it. Don’t feel like hitting the gym? Throw those lulu’s on & lace up those shoes tight. Start. After the first few reps, those spirited little endorphins will do the rest. As the great Elle Woods said so eloquently “Exercise produces endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. And happy people just don’t kill their husbands.” You go Girl.
5. Become a morning person. “Oh you’re one of those people.” I get that comment all the time, but I suggest you become one too. Getting your workout in prior to the sun getting up sets your whole day up for success. There are no people, meetings, phone calls, blah,blah,blah that happen to squeeze into your workout time in the early mornings. Get it out of the way and over with. Two bonuses? 1) the gym is typically pretty quite before six am so you have free reign over the place and 2) You may find you do have some extra time again in the afternoon- two workouts in one day?! Score.
6. Make the most of your time. No one is super stoked when they feel like they have to spend three hours in the gym sweating through an intense workout (unless your name is Courtney). Make your workouts more effective, not more time consuming. Yes, this goes along with the planning- sort of. I found the best way for me to cruise through a legit workout and feel great about it is circuit training. Superset two or more exercises back to back with little to no rest in between. You’ll find yourself running laps around “two-thumb Tami” and “Flex it Frank”. Get in. Focus. Get out. Enjoy the rest of what the world has to offer, now with a healthier body.
7. Adjust your count. This one may sound silly, but is my highly debated best hat-trick. Count your repetitions backwards. I swear this Jedi mind-trick works wonders. Say for example I am doing jump squats, and have 20 of them to push through. Instead of counting up to 20 I count DOWN from 20. The way down always seems much easier. Thinking that you only have so many left instead of so many to go plays into the whole athlete psyche. Try it and let me know.
8. Prep your playlist. Just making a new playlist makes me want to run a few miles with excitement. If you’re not semi-exercise absurd like I am, just think about your favorite song. Now think about the one that comes on and always comes on and makes you want to punch a baby. Which one is more likely to power you through your next workout. Don’t believe me? Try working out a solid fifteen minutes to U2 and let me know how that workout went.
9. Take “shameless selfies”. Yes, we all make fun of the bathroom mirror selfie. As much as I like to think it’s ridiculous and vain- more power to those who do! Even if no one has to see them and they aren’t posted as your #transformationtuesday pic, they are a critical piece to your fitness journey. I’m a shameless selfie advocate. Or really an advocate of tracking your progress, no matter what form it’s in- as long as it’s not the scale. These pictures provide an excellent way to compare your progress from a week or month ago.
10. Remind yourself why you started. I keep a notebook filled with my goals. For the week, month and year. When you remind yourself of what your purpose is, it’s easier to fit time in to do something that helps you get there. Not only that, but once that goal is crossed off, it’s a future reminder of what you can accomplish and the satisfaction you got from achieving it. You’re more capable than you think and I think sometimes all it takes is for someone or something to remind you. Write down a quote, take a picture and hang it somewhere to remind you that on this Terrible Tuesday, there’s nothing holding you back from your fitness goal and skipping this one workout is not an option.

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