FitSpo or Fit-No?

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After reading THIS post during my daily morning blog reads, my head spun into overdrive. What am I spending time writing about and working towards, if ultimately what I’m doing is really depressing people or leaving them feeling un-inspired and worse- cursing me and my “fitspiration” posts.

Then I began to recollect myself and took it down a notch.

Yes. I’ve done the whole NPC bikini competition and tried to fit in as a “bikini competitor” but here’s the thing. I learned pretty quickly [after my second attempt] that it wasn’t for me. I LOVED the training part, I LOVED the experience of pushing myself and learning how to really eat to fuel my workouts. The actual show- ‘eh not so much.

I sort of hated every second of it.

My goal is not to strut around in five inch plastic heels and an itsy-bitsy bikini but to be able to live life each day with strength, energy and confidence. Throw me a pair of workout shorts & a sports bra & I’m game. Give me a challenge to compete in and I’ll give you everything I got. There was no challenge in the end. & I’m only speaking for myself.

The goal of my posts and pictures and “fitspirations” is to be a reminder of how great your body can feel, the amount of confidence you can can exude, the capabilities this vessel of yours has and to share those reminders with other people. Exercise and eating healthy gives you the ability to make the most out of each day. Sharing tips, tricks, workouts, plans, exercises etc gives me inspiration each and everyday.  To be able to really enjoy running, hiking, golfing, beach volleyball etc etc each day and have the energy, stamina and lust to get out there has provided a whole new perspective to me about what I want my life to look like. Who I want to spend my time with. What’s important to me. What adventures I want to take next.

It’s amazing what taking care of your body can do for your mind and that’s what I want to share with others. When you make exercise a priority the biggest gains are far more than some ripped abs and great arms. Those just may be some awesome side-effects.

What inspires you? 


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