Get Moving + Make it Count.

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Nike has done it again.
This technological piece of awesomeness below has helped me redefine my runs and my general outlook on “working out.”

Prior to me being born into this world, my mother was a buyer for Nike, so it’s safe to say that I grew up living, breathing and sweating Nike. Even if it weren’t for that fact, I’d still be obsessed with the brand-  they come up with the greatest designs, fabrics, interfaces and slogans. I seriously can’t get enough and thought I’d share how much I LOVE my Nike Sportsband.

First of all, it’s cute & functional. It’s not a huge, clunky piece of equipment, it’s actually a fully functional watch / accessory. It’s adorable. I purchased mine in white with the cute stripes (I obviously love anything striped) and I end up wearing it as a watch, even when I’m not tracking my runs.
Second, it links SUPER easy with my computer, making it simple to track my runs. The “chip” slides directly out of the watch and into the USB port on my computer.  The first time I linked mine up with the computer, it loaded everything up and was really easy to follow and create my own profile. You can check my profile and runs here. It shows you some great information along with cool awards & trophies for reaching different levels of fitness. (# of runs per week, # of miles, pace etc) I love how it compares my averages with the same demographic as well, so I can see how my mileage / pace compares with women around my age- hello competitive Courtney!
I do wish the “chip” was a bit more accurate. I went on a run that I knew was around 2.5 miles (through the sand) and the watch read about .68 miles.. Ummmm.. A little off. Obviously my stride was probably a little different in the sand which makes it hard to get an accurate gauge.
Nike does make up for this “misgiving” though. I bought my boyfriend the Nike + SportsWatch and GPS and he cannot take it off. Talking with a few runners at work they recommended this watch over the Garmin GPS watch. Many of them mentioned it links more quickly to the satellites and is easier to upload onto a computer. (Which is ironic since Garmin is basically only a running brand and Nike still has nailed this one). My boyfriend got the white watch as well and wears it even when he goes out… Like as an accessory.. & it looks darn good on him!
Third, the band has motivated me to get more runs in. You can’t fake the numbers. Plus, when you’re sharing it with friends on the online community at Nike + it’s hard to not want to brag about your miles, pace, or what new trophies you’ve recently acquired. I’ve literally found myself lying on my couch after a long day at work thinking how much I don’t want to run.. until I check the darn watch on my wrist and concede to the Nike Gods.. Yes, I will get my third run in this week to earn that darn badge.
If you’re looking for a watch to track progress and mileage each week, I’d go for the Sportsband ($59) over the SportsWatch + GPS ($169). The sportsband provides exactly the information that I would like to track and helps hold me accountable and track what my runs look like. If however, I was more data driven (like my boyfriend) the SportsWatch is completely worth it. It gives accurate distances, tracks elevation and a ton of other cool stuff that I’m not sure we’ve even figured out yet!
Thanks Nike for the innovative way to hit my competitive nerve and get me geared up for my runs each day.
Check out Nike online for more information on both of the watches. Do you have a tracking device for your workouts? Do you find it holds you more accountable?
Oh & in case you need a little feel good pick me up this Wednesday check out Nike’s “Run to you” commercial. I posted it awhile ago, but it still makes me happy every time. HAPPY WEDNESDAY!

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