My Intentions [Friday]

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Hooray! It’s a brand spanking new month.. does anyone know where July went??
Since today is the first (ok, ok 2nd) day of the month & I feel like I could use a fresh start and a new direction, here are my goals for this beautiful month of August + my intentions for Fridayy!

1. I am going to trust myself more. Does anyone else get so wrapped up in their head and thoughts that they let it fatigue them mentally & physically? I need to convince my mind to focus on my workouts, healthy goals and not let minor stresses weigh me down.
2. I am going to spend more time sharing workouts. I have some exciting things planned this month for HarnessYourEnergy & I can’t wait to share them with you! Stay tuned & FOLLOW! 🙂 This also means sharing what fitness products, supplements etc I can’t live without! This actually pertains to one of my BIG goals for the whole year- to write for a published magazine.
3. I am going to spend more time being active! No, I haven’t joined a swim club yet… Will someone please hold me accountable?! That’s my goal for August. Oh & I also joined a park & rec indoor volleyball league that starts next week! How fun is that?! What leagues or clubs do you belong to in order to stay active while having tons of fun & meeting new people?

Three goals is a good start right? 

How do you prioritize your goals? Do you write your goals out? I’m a big believer in writing down your goals in order for them to actualize. In fact, I went back to my “goal notebook” that I began at the beginning of this year & sort of scared myself. I had written down two very specific goals / things I wanted to happen that I had no way of knowing could actually happen… and they did! Ask & you shall receive! 


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