Hello to Sand Sprints!

Hello Sand Sprints!


I’ve completed TWO (!) sand sprint workouts this week & my body has been thanking me. In order to add some variety into my training & my newly declared Triathlon goal, I’ve decided sprints & plyos are what is going to get me there.

If you want a lifted round booty, sprinters legs, & some serious cardiovascular improvements (think heart health!) then sand sprints are just what the doctor ordered!

I posted my full sand sprints workout below:

WARM UP: 100 ski hops & 100 jumping jacks

6-2-6 Runs


Single leg hops

Double hops

Side Shuffle

Walking Lunges


6-2-6 For Time

* Dimensions are about 2 full WIDTHS of 2 courts + distance between = ~ 72 feet
* You’ll need to mark 2 endlines along with three cones spaced evenly between
* Get Sprinting! exercises are performed as “suicide” sets between all cones
* 6-2-6=  sprint endpoint to endpoint 6 times, backwards sprints endpoint to endpoint & repeat another 6.

This workout has left me breathless in a completely new & fabulous way. I typically perform it with a friend and alternate the exercises so that as one partner goes, the other receives a rest. However, I did perform this workout on my own on Tuesday morning & it took me about thirty minutes to finish. The rest period between each exercise is up to you, but remember it needs to be uncomfortable for you to improve! I give myself just enough time to catch my breath & then I hit the next exercise.

Sprint training forces you to run “all out” this requires a great deal of power output in a short amount of time which utilizes the anaerboic system. This is the system that produces energy with little to no oxygen. This pathway provides energy to our muscles quickly but is not very efficient (hello! our bodies can’t run without oxygen) Therefore, these short term energy stores are rapidly depleted and latic acid (a byproduct of this pathway and one reason for muscle soreness) builds up and exercise comes to a stop. When the buildup of lacatic acid produced exceeds the amount your body is readily able to get rid of this = your lactate threshold or the amount of lactic acid that begins to accumulate in your muscles.

This workout has forced me to access and become acutely aware ( oh hiiiiiii lacate laden legs!) of my anareboic threshold. The good news? Continually pushing yourself into a lactate burdened state makes your body adapt. Your aerobic enzymes get supercharged, and you become better at processing lactate. Which means I can sprint a little faster or a little further with each training session!

Now get out there & enjoy this booty kicking workout.

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Remember lactic acid is a source of the muscle soreness! I’ve found that out the hard way as I have been extremely sore after completing this workout! Foam rolling, branch chain amino acids, increasing my water intake and focusing on getting enough protein and carbohydrates in after this have kept my crying to a minimum 🙂

This week’s favorite post workout treat? My creation the chocolate, banana dessert smoothie!

You’ll need:
1/2 Chocolate Brownie Quest Bar
1 small banana
Handful of spinach
1 scoop Protizyme Chocolate Cake Protein (by Metabolic Nutrition)
Stevia (to sweeten)

Blend all the ingredients together & enjoy your creamy dessert & post-workout bliss!


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