Friday Intentions.

Oh Friday how I love you.  The above picture = complete happiness.
Another Friday and you know what that means?! I linked up with Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition for her Confessional Friday because Friday’s I love to confess….my goals! Time to declare those goals for the upcoming week.
So how’d I do with my goal the other week you ask? Well I did alright. I definitely had a few too many bites of these delicious bran muffins and a few too many scoops of dark chocolate peanut butter on chocolate chip panckaes (!!!) but besides that I weathered the home/summer/vacation eating binges. Writing my goal out kept it constantly in the back of my mind- which helped my awareness. When I saw those extra plates and scoops being passed around I really thought about what I was eating and those vital extra thoughts and seconds saved me from overindulging.
As for this next week, I have a few more professional goals and am writing to my regional Vice President today to see what I can do to take the next few steps in the corporate wellness industry to move up in my position.. (I’ll keep you updated).
I also LOVE the idea of making fitness fun and more social. I went to the Carlsbad Adventure Fun Run last night and it was awesome!!! The race was a 10K with different “stations” set up along the course for you to win raffle tickets. At the end they throw a big “street party” and raffle off gift certificates, free drinks, and SHOES! Being around so many people who were enjoying running in the presence of others made me stop and think… How can I do this more often?! My goal this next week is to hit some workouts with other people and get outside.. I think I’ll start with a Mt.Baldy hike this Sunday?! Definitely. Pictures to follow.
What are you declaring this weekend? Write it down. Share it. Make it happen.

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