Friday Confessional + Friday Intentions.

Oh Friday how I love you.


I couldn’t contain my excitement for Friday and all the fun Friday things so I combined all my loves into one giant BONUS.
Friday’s mean clearing my mind & setting an intention for both the weekend ahead & the next week. Friday equals the best day for me to harness the weekend giddiness and give my goals some good ummphh. Pick whatever day works best for you and set those intentions!
This week, I am going to finish writing out (and doing) my four-week workout. The lack of planning and thought process behind my workouts has reared it’s ugly head. I’ve shown up to the gym with little to no plan, not to mention major lack of focus. I’m about 14 weeks out from the vacation of a lifetime & have some major work I want to do prior to frolicking along the beaches. SAND TRAINING this week?! You bet. Someone hold me accountable for hitting the sand running three times this week?
I have been feeling the effects of my poorly planned training regime and have been too tight and too sore in too many places. I signed up for six FREE classes at a local Yoga Studio (Yoga Six) and my time spent there so far has been amazing! The studio is bright and cheery, the instructor wasn’t too stuffy & provided some awesome adjustments (!) and the staff gave me a personalized tour and truly cared about my experience there. My goal for this week / weekend is to hit the studio for another four classes.  I have a feeling my body will thank me.
I am going to commit myself to a serious 3-hour study session this weekend. I am taking another certification next week (AFAA primary group exercise) and could use a solid study session to refresh my skills. Oh, & I WILL sign up for the ACSM- Health Fitness Specialist Exam this week. My plan is to take it the following week. Did I mention all this studying has made me want to go back to college for grad school?!
& now some serious scrubbing of my inner thoughts thanks to the brilliant Leslie @ blonde ambition. I swear confessions are good for the soul.
Confession :  I’m pretty sure I was born to travel. I cannot contain the sheer bliss I’m feeling about heading to Costa Rica in December for a wedding. A whole week. With the boyfriend. On the beaches of Costa Rica. Did I mention for a wedding?! Travel is the one experience that I believe truly makes you richer and I couldn’t imagine sharing it with anyone besides my * adventure partner.
Confession :  In a conversation last night with my favorite person, they unloaded their work frustrations with me and explained- “I’m just really comfortable in my own skin”. & they truly meant it. I confess, this is one of the reasons I am so drawn to this person and what I hope to someday obtain. Each day, I feel I own a little more of the skin I’m in, but I still stare down some of those nagging insecurities we all have. I’m working on it. Hey, admitting it is step 1 right? I secretly wish I could be more like this free-spirited darling!
Confession: I am the worst “relaxer” on the planet. I can never spend an afternoon relaxing without feeling completely guilty or lazy. Yesterday equals a prime example – I came home from work and fell asleep as I tried to study a few pages for my upcoming certification.. & woke up feeling completely useless. So I hit the gym at 9:00 at night to try to make up for my lack of productivity. Does anyone else have this problem?
Confession: I live in my workout clothes. It’s sort of ridiculous. You should see what my laundry day looks like.. Anyways with all this living in my workout clothes that I’m doing I’ve become OBSESSED with Nike pro combat shorts. & by obsessed, I mean I could eat, live, dream, and breathe in these shorts. Adorable right?! Nike has done it again- RAD.
Confession: I know everyone & their mothers’ are over the Miley Cyrus twerking fiasco.. but as long as some legitamate talent comes out of it, Miley keep doing your thing.. You have to check this out.
Happy Friday Lovelies!

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