Cultivate Your Own Happiness.

The past week has been a tough one and I’ve been struggling to push through forcing myself to “just keep grinding it out.” I repeated this several times in my head before I stopped to think about these words. I don’t want to simply “grind life out”. I want to experience it and all the joys that come with being on this lovely Earth of ours.

Instead of grinding this week out I need to embrace the difficult times and receive the lesson that always follows – know that great things are coming. Have patience and quit forcing things to happen immediately. There’s a reason things take time. Enjoy my workouts and relish each minute that I get to feel the blood pumping through this body I have.

Morning time is when these “self-revelations” find me and make me a little giddy- or maybe that’s the endorphins… I’ve been adding in a sweaty beach interval workout that makes these self-revelations flow and endorphins kick-in. Plus, I’m pretty sure this workout has some added physical benefit 🙂

This typically takes me 20 minutes to complete & then I add 10 minutes of sand plyometrics. The sand workout looks like this (sorry I typically go solo which means there’s no one to take pictures). :
* 10 broad jumps out , 10 broad jumps back
* 20 walking lunges out, 20 walking lunges back
* 10 bunny hops out, 10 bunny hops back
* 10 single leg jumps out, 10 single leg jumps back (then repeat on other side)
* 20 walking lunges out, 10 split lunge jumps, 20 walking lunges back, 10 split lunge jumps
* 20 walking lunges out, 10 sumo squat jumps, 20 walking lunges back, 10 sumo squat jumps
Enjoy! 🙂
If you have any questions about the workout- ASK! What’s your favorite beachy workout?  

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