Oh to be 27.

Life Quote

In this year of 27, I’ve found so much value in learning.

Learning about myself. Learning about others. Learning about fitness.  In my quest to learn how I can leverage fitness to fulfill my life’s mission, I’ve found myself asking several questions to lead me on the collision course with my ultimate reality – inspiring others to ignite their inner drive through conscious efforts to take care of this one body they have been given.

The question “Why?” has kept popping up. I’ve found this one question to be one of the sacred keys of motivation. If we don’t understand why we are doing something, we typically won’t continue to do it. The power of determining your own “why” is essential for continuing to take care of  yourself, your career, your body and your mental health. This single question puts you in touch with your inner sense- what’s the emotion at the root of your desire? How do you ignite your inner drive, cultivate the “how” and connect with these concepts to live with purpose.

Answering these questions, gave me my clear answer as to why I’m on the path I’ve chosen.

What aspect of my life am I currently not satisfied with?

(Whatever your answer is- is the part of your life that’s ready for change)

What is your ultimate reality what do you truly desire? (Answer this as if in the future & you’ve received what you want)

What is the cost of what you want? (What have you given up, or lost)

What benefit have you gotten from not doing it? (What benefits have come with continuing to put it off)

What possible benefits could come flow from getting what you desire?

Why must I do this?

What will doing this give me?

..& What will this give me?.. & What will this give me? Continue this line of questioning until you are left with one or two words… This is your reason.

After completing this not only did I have a clear view on what my philosophy was in life,  but I had a great sense of why I continued to pursue learning, inspiring, motivating and living within the health / wellness industry.

My reason for pursuing my desire to inspire others to ignite their inner drive (Harness Your Energy) through conscious efforts to take care of their bodies: a full heart, contentment.


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