Why workout and vacation should be used in the same sentence.

Oh. Costa Rica. How I love you.

My time spent in Costa Rica couldn’t have been happier. Sun.Sand. A wedding on the beach?! I seriously debated becoming a full-time Costa Rican until I realized that then I would no longer consider this the best vacation spot ever.

Obviously, my vacation was full of adventure, just the way my adventure partner & I like it. However, between the late night dance-offs & free flowing tequila shots, I found myself tempted to continue napping on the beach or kicking back in the lounge chair by the pool. However, I found several ways to combat the continued lounging and actually get more out of my vacation:

Travel with or find those around you who like to workout. Thank goodness for traveling with a stud who has to workout, even when he’s up late the night before and consumes a few cocktails…. when in Costa Rica. Finding a workout partner makes a huge difference. Make it a priority to squeeze in a little time with someone else, hit the road for a run or the beach for some sand sprints (in our case).

Plan Adventures. Remember if you’re on vacation- you’re probably somewhere awesome! What things are there to do around you? Try that hike someone recommended at dinner the other night, or walk-around the museum that you noticed a couple blocks from your hotel. Get out & try or see something new. Being steps from the beach made this easy- we were able to spend most mornings and evenings catching some waves… Let me tell you, I’m definitely not a surfing pro, but between carrying that board to the beach, paddling out and attempting to catch some waves, my whole body felt the effects of my “workout”.  And yes, I even caught a wave or two. 🙂 The recommended Zip-Lining turned out to be an awesome active adventure as well, with the several hikes to the next “hook-up” and pulling your weight across some of the lines.

Drink lots of water. Yes, somehow vacations always find us kicked back with a fruity drink that contains an umbrella right? Enjoy it. Just make sure that in between your sipping on plenty of water & you remember to place a bottle or two of water bedside to refresh at night. Dehydration equals one big energy sapper which also equates to little to no energy for things like EXERCISE.

10 mintues never killed anyone. Wake up ten minutes early and use your best tool- YOU, well your body weight to get a pre-vacay sweat on. Do this 10 minute body weight circuit to boost your metabolism prior to heading out on the town or heading to that towel on the beach.

10 plank to push-ups

10 squats

10 tricep dips (on the edge of the hotel bed or a chair)

10 I, Y, T’s

10 Leg drops

Repeat these 5 exercies 5 times & feel energized for what lies ahead in your vacation!

Have a mantra! A mantra is a quick, positive,  powerful message that you can repeat to yourself when you feel your motivation waning. Mine? More Energy. More Fun. Move. 

Do these five things on your next vacation & see how much more you’re able to get out of the whole experience. So get out there and enjoy that vacation- wherever it takes you!

P.S. If you have any questions about the 10-minute body weight workout just ask!



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