10 Reasons You Should Quit What You’re Doing and Exercise.


Here’s 10 inspiring reasons to get off that couch, or out from behind that office desk and enjoy a little physical activity right now.

1. You’re not tired. Ok. Maybe a nap, or sleeping in sounds more awesome than rolling over and lacing up your Nikes- but I promise you’ll find way more energy in working out. You’ll wonder why you didn’t jump out of bed sooner. What’s that cliche saying?…..

Talk about living without regrets! #fitness #health

2. You want to be successful. According to Forbes magazine, there are five things successful people do (think CEO’s like Robert Iger of Disney). One of them being, you guessed it, getting exercise. These people have crazy, hectic filled days and yet find the time to work out? I think you can too. Who knows it may inspire you to shoot for that CEO position too. Check out the other five things here: Forbes.

3. Be a leader in change and support the future of our society. You’re worried about the state of our union. You’re not? According to Andre Noel Polvin & his article Dangerous Trends of Inactivity, you should be:

  • The world-wide trend towards urbanization (and less space) reduces the opportunities and accessibility for physical activity.
  • Television, computers, remote controls, are obvious influencing variables.
  • Robinson reported children between the ages of two to 17 years spend more than three years of their lives watching television; this does not include all the extra time spent playing video games, watching videos or using a computer.
  • Bailey reports that schools are dismantling children play stations for fear of incurring injury lawsuits.
  • Governments are reducing the funds allotted to recreation and physical activity organizations, despite all recent scientific evidence indicating the benefits of exercise.
  • This physical and economical crisis has also been reported by the US Surgeon General (1996) report on the impact of physical activity on health. Here are a brief synopsis of the studies findings:
    • Over 60 percent of the U.S. population is not consistently active.
    • Approximately 25 percent of the U.S. population is completely sedentary.
    • The participation in physical activity in the U.S. is still declining during adolescence, despite the 12 year effort of several caring organizations.
    • Health care costs continue to increase.
    • It is predicted that the adolescents of today will have to bear this financial medical burden.

4. Revamp your social life. I can’t tell you how many inspiring, smart and just plain awesome people I’ve met while engaging in some sort of physical activity. Birds of a feather flock together? It seems like those workout classes or fun runs are filled with like-minded individuals who are obviously smart about their health. So strike up a convo with the person next to you and find your new bff who can help you become even more active.

5. You’re a leader and you don’t always follow the norm. According to the Center for Disease Control, 80% of Americans don’t get the recommended amount of physical activity. To be clear- this amount is 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week or one hour and 15 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity. Being the successful person you are, I know you’re aiming for the 20% of Americans that do. That’s an impressive statistic to be able to throw out at your next event.

6. You’ve got too much going for you and want to live your life to the fullest. Research conducted by a Harvard Medical School professor found that sitting (or being inactive) may be just as harmful as smoking and is tied to 5.3 million deaths per year! (smoking accounts for 5 million deaths per year) Get out of that chair and lace those shoes up! See the article here.

7. You’re tired of sleeping poorly. A study found in the Sleep Medicine Journal  found that exercise can strengthen circadian rhythms which boosts daytime alertness and helps bring sleep on in the evening. This improves the quality of your sleep. This doesn’t happen overnight (no pun intended). For you to see the improvements in sleep, exercise must be consistent – so start today!

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8. You wouldn’t mind improving your sex life. Exercise improves your sexual drive, activity and satisfaction. Plus it activates your sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for encouraging blood flow to those “feel-good ” areas. So cheers to exercise!

9. You’re stressed. Instead of lounging on the couch, shoveling that ice cream down and wallowing in your own sorrow, I encourage you to read this (while preparing to hop up and hit the gym, beach, walk path… you get the idea, directly afterward).  Exercise induces a release of those “soothing” chemicals that make you feel great. Awesome, right? Even more awesome? Researchers at UCSF actually found that exercise works on a cellular level- with cells showing fewer signs of aging than those of people who were inactive.

10. You want to be the “fun” once. With all these feel-good chemicals surging through your body after exercise and your new-found energy, you’ll be begging others to go on that hike you’ve always wanted to go on, because now you have the energy!

Be an influencer. Aim for 30 minutes a day five days this week of physical activity and let me know how you feel . Share your activities with me on instagram @bourtney11 ! #harnessyourenergy #5daysaweek.



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