Chontel Hau

So there I was sitting in my car jamming out to THIS song. Something about this song and the narrative it brings to mind makes me want to join one of my personal ideals (Chontel from HIITstation featured above) and proceed to get stronger, better and faster than I was yesterday. To push myself to find my limits and push a tinsy bit past.  To put on those gloves and knock those people I run into over with the power, strength and courage I embody.

In order to set up the narrative this song brings to mind you have to have an understanding of what a Gladiator is. So for knowledge’s sake, here’s the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition. Gladiator: A trained combatant who engaged in fights to the death as a sport. Another fun fact:These gladiators originally performed at Etruscan funerals with the intent to give the dead individual armed attendants into the next world.

Or if you watch the show Scandal, you know where I’m going with this…” We do what needs to be done and we don’t question why. We put the personal to the left. We don’t get to have feelings. That’s the job. Gladiators don’t have feelings.We rush into battle. We’re soldiers. We get hurt in the fight. We suck it up and we hold the line and we don’t question.”

Here’s my sweeping declaration: You must have this Gladiator mentality toward your health. 

When it comes to your health and physical capabilities you will not let anyone stand in your way. Those barriers, those excuses, you have been using to avoid exercise or avoid taking care of yourself are your enemy in this battle. It’s your overall health or them. You must choose to be stronger than your excuses and face the enemy and WIN. Be stronger. Be Better. Be Faster.

Your health and your strength have to be a priority. No one else can fight this battle for you. You’ve been thrown into this ring of life, now how are you going to battle? Show up. Suck it up if you have to. Exercise gets easier, but in order for it to get easier you have to battle. There’s no question that exercise is essential to your overall wellbeing (See here if you need proof.) in fact there is plenty of evidence to the contrary– by NOT getting at least 30 minutes a day of physical activity five days a week, you are putting yourself at risk and you may not make it out of the Gladiator pit. So put your game face on. You’ve been thrown into life, and in order to preserve this life you have, you have to adopt the mentality of a GLADiator.

What are you doing today to be a GLADiator?




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