Dear Kayla Inglima

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*For those of you who don’t know who Kayla Inglima is, you will now:She’s the  mind behind the article “Why the Fitness Culture On Social Media Needs to Be Stopped.” You can check it out here:

Dear Kayla Inglima,

This article is gold. Pure unadulterated gold. Your article has cleverly pointed out EXACTLY what is wrong with our society today- the 20 something syndrome. Kayla, I may be not be medically licensed to diagnose you, but it is clear you’ve got a bad case of it.

Let me explain. The fact that you call out the #FitFam ideals of clean-eating and weight lifting as “potentially ruining the world” and the “next pitfall of civilization” demonstrates this point. Those who suffer from this 20 something syndrome do not see the real value in promoting healthy behaviors because A) they’re invincible and poor behavior will have no effect on their bodies by their late 20’s and 30’s B) the word “civilization” refers to only them, because this “world” revolves around only them C) it clearly cuts into the time spent doing your hair and makeup to pose for that #duckface #selfie that needs to hit Instagram like now. 

The #fitfam “cult” you are referring to is a community of individuals who are driven to leading a healthy, inspired life- through an active lifestyle. Scrolling through the #fitfam hashtags, you’ll find plenty of the “naturally fit bodies” you refer to- hiking, finishing up an outdoor boot camp, logging some miles on the road, or working out along the beach. What a detriment to our civilization! The fact that 1 in 3 adults in the United States is obese isn’t a concern of yours huh Kayla? How dare these people promote exercise or promote others to be active! Here’s a few examples of this “cult” and their agendas :

  • “mom of 3 working on body after babies”
  • “Cardiology RN living a healthy, balanced life in Chicago. From avid runner to dedicated lifter.”
  • “Make your health a priority.”
  • “Let’s inspire each other.Fit, Happy & Healthy”
  • “Words of enlightenment: If you shine your light, others may see how to do the same. You can ignite a chain reaction of illumination that is unstoppable.”

A group of people, motivating each other to push towards a healthy lifestyle and stave off the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, the obesity related health complications and $147 BILLION in it’s medical care costs?! Cheering each other on?! I can totally see how these statements can make you angry enough to write a sassy article about how this community should be stopped.  Their “about me” sections include nothing about their #drukenescapades – so why are you following them again Kayla?

The fact that you posted a photo of a beautiful woman with muscles and captioned the photo “GROSS” is another symptom of the 20 something syndrome. They like to hide behind the computer screens and put other individual’s down. They don’t look up from their Instagram or Facebook pages enough to realize that their “words” whether spoken or written do hurt. Kayla, welcome to the term “cyber-bullying”. Which may or may not be a bigger “pitfall of our civilization” than someone posting inspirational posts or workout videos to share with others. You must not have done your research on ANY other scary “facts” like this one for example:  1/2 of suicides have been linked to a form of bullying?! Form your own opinion: Here.  or Here. & Here.

The biggest flaw though? Who hates neon?!

Kayla, may I suggest you click the un-follow button? Maybe you’ll no longer “feel bad” about the food you eat or “less-than” these multitaskers who are able to hold a job and workout. Imagine that.




  1. Hi, creator of FitSnap here! FitSnap is an iPhone app that creates inspirational pictures from your workouts. Nothing wrong with posting pictures of your fitness activities. Looking through the thousands of #fitsnap pics posted on Instagram and Twitter, I see healthy, happy people sharing what they love doing.

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