Marvelous Monday #1

MiMM MIMM #88 4 Word Pic Style

Ok. So how awesome is this idea to start the week off right?! Katie over at Healthy Diva Eats started this adorable link up & I couldn’t imagine starting my week off without mentioning how Marvelous last week was & starting the new week off thinking positive! 😉 



My volleyball team is pretty marvelous. Thursday nights are my new favorite. For those that are lucky enough to have a sports & rec center / programming I seriously recommend joining! I’ve missed my competitive playing days & it breathes so fresh air into my week knowing I get to go play! Plus, I started picking up playing beach volleyball on the weekends. Doubles. Can you say sweatfest?!

I made an amazing BBQ pizza. I admit I could work on presentation… but I was starving & threw it all together just to devour it as soon as I could. I used whole wheat pizza dough (word up Trader Joes) chicken, onions, bbq sauce, some guyre & gouda cheese & broccoli. I seriously couldn’t get it into my mouth quick enough.


The end of this week brought the weekend closer which means I get to see my favorite adventure partner & watch some good ole’ college baseball in San Francisco ( I couldn’t be more in love with any other city). Friday, you can’t get here soon enough. If I’m lucky he’ll have some time to hike to Pt. Reyes again…. 

What was Marvelous about your week? 



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