Makes My Soul Happy


What makes my soul happy? Bettering myself. Developing this space. Sharing experiences. Connecting with others who are as passionate about fitness as I am. Each morning I wake up with giddiness to experience more and share what I’ve learned and found along my fitness journey. Harness Your Energy makes my soul happy.

And now for my big reveal! I can no longer contain my excitement…


That’s right! I’ve been so excited to announce that I was chosen & signed on to be a Fitfluential Ambassador! Joining such an inspiring  community of beautiful, healthy, happy people is a dream come true! Fitfluential is a community of “influencers” who share their positive messages in health and wellness with individuality proving that overall health and wellness doesn’t have to be accompanied by negative connotations. This community opens the door to see fitness as a gateway to happiness and promotes brands that bring the positive to an individual’s fitness journey.

 It’s surreal thinking that several years ago, I was completely new to the blogging world and was blown away by the passion that Sarah Fit & Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers embodied through their posts. They were Fitfluential Ambassadors, & I said to myself “I will get there one day.”

That mantra and the fact that Harness Your Energy really and truly makes my soul happy has manifested itself into this opportunity and I can’t wait to contribute and grow with such an amazing community of people who are fitfluential. Look for more in the next 3-4 weeks 🙂

Who are your favorite Fitfluential Ambassadors?

What makes your soul happy? What opportunities would you pursue to cultivate your happiness?



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