Volume 1: I Wore My Yoga Pants To…. Tuesday

Yoga Pants Quotes - The Girl in Yoga Pants

So it has come to my attention via my boyfriend (apparently he joined the fashion police) that I wear yoga pants EVERYWHERE. I guess I never realized this was a problem until recently.. It started with a few comments here & there that really got me thinking about how often I wear them and then turned into a full-blown problem when I looked at my laundry laid out neatly on the back porch to dry (because you can’t dry workout pants). There was no more room on the porch- so I began counting… In one load I had washed twelve pairs of black-cropped yoga pants & a few other brightly colored pairs. The major point being 12 pairs of the identical workout pants to the untrained eye!

I noticed I had begun pairing them, like leggings, with fancy dresses and cute blouses. Cozy jackets and sweaters. Ski socks & boots. Scarfs & jewelry. I began wearing them out in public with no intention of going to the gym. I wore them on movie dates, expensive dinners, to meet the boyfriends’ family. I’m not sure when or how this became ok.. But I do have to say, I’m not mad about it.

My love for yoga pants stems from the fact that they’re comfortable. I’m not constricted by stiff fabric. I can sit comfortably without a metal button piercing my stomach when I sit down. I’m more agile, reflexive, quick in do-or-die situations. I’m not even sure where those jeans of mine are in the closet, and I’m not searching for them anytime soon.

So this Tuesday, I’m showing you how I wore my yoga pants with my favorite look of the week:

This is how : I wore my yoga pants to the airport to meet the boyfriend after a month apart:



P.S. Don’t judge me & my wrinkled shirt- that’s what sleeping on a plane will to do you ( & your shirt).

How do you wear your yoga pants? 

What does your workout wear consist of? Do you wear it outside of “working out?” 




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