#Friday Favorites Week 3


HYE FFavorites 2


If you aren’t currently working out with a partner- I seriously suggest finding one & trying out my #FFavorites 3-piece circuit! (Link up with the gorgeous Heather over at Housewife Glamour for Friday Favorites) This circuit targets your back, rear delts (shoulders) and core.  I’ve been completing a strength circuit built like this the last four weeks with a friend & already she is noticing a difference in her strength & overall muscle tone.

This Lululemon Gym bag is my favorite:

Sweat Once a Day Bag

My favorite items that you’ll always find inside my gym bag?

A cute baseball hat (to cover my sweaty mess of a head)

Just need a cute baseball hat

Be Delicious Eau De Parfum Spray - DKNY - Perfume & Women's Fragrances - StrawberryNET.com (Australia)Mac Lipstick For Blondes Ruby Woo - Best MAC Lipsticks for Blondes: Choose the Perfect One for You!Baby Wipes Case - Stylish and trendy baby wipes cover- For girls - Pink polka dots with handmade bow. $16.00, via Etsy.Love! Love! Love!  Lululemon Athletica - Spring is in the air and we're lightening up our layers with the Elongate Burnout Long Sleeve and Vinyasa To Vino Bag *Canvas in hand.Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough New Quest Bar flavor!  #vitaminshoppecontest

DKNY Be Delicious perfume (a must for going anywhere after the gym)

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick (I use it on my lips & as a blush!)

Baby wipes! Yes.Baby wipes. It’s the next best thing to a shower after a workout when you have 0 time!

A Questbar, because going anywhere after a workout on an empty stomach is a terrible idea for me.. and anyone who runs into me when I have low blood sugar 🙂

& last but not least, a long sleeve T + a scarf. It makes your workout gear seem a little more pulled together & presentable (especially with a baseball cap!)




My favorite compliment of the week (although it was not framed like one) :

Member: Carr, I thought of you yesterday, you know who you look like? Shakira.

Me: Really? Thank you.

Member: Yeah, when you actually shower & do your hair you look identical.

A) Notice that there was a caveat. When my hair isn’t slicked back, sweaty & in a ponytail, I may look presentable.

B) I’ve never gotten Shakira before, maybe I don’t see it because of the blue vs. brown eyes.

C) I think I have a very familiar face. A lot of people say they know someone who “looks identical” to me. I get Brittany Snow every once in awhile or Kate Hudson, but Shakira is a new one.

Whose your celebrity look-alike?

What’s your favorite item to throw on after a workout to look somewhat pulled together? What are your gym bag essentials?




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